• CMDEX coming soon

  • CM DEX coming soon

  • CM DEX coming soon

Stay Tuned - Our Team Is Working With Robots To Detect What's New So We Can Provide You A Highly Secure DEX with An Interactive Trading Friendly Interface On Mobile App And Website.



BullionBlock will launch a private, digital, and decentralized gold and silver backed cryptocurrency exchange known as Crypto Mint (CMDEX) to global traders using our innovative blockchain technology. BullionBlock digital assets will only be available on the Crypto Mint Decentralized Exchange and will not be available on other exchanges.

The Crypto Mint Decentralized Exchange (CM DEX) is an architecturally advanced, smart-contract enabled exchange designed to provide instant asset-backed liquidity to the BullionBlock network. The CMDEX is designed with the belief that commerce + unity = community, and as such, it is a globally useful exchange integral to our mobile banking and remittance ecosystem.

Unlike other exchanges, we do not hold custody of your tokens, tokens stay accessible in your wallet. No hidden Escrow and we will have the Lowest DEX Fees on our highly secured Decentralized Exchange platform.

We will offer links to other relayers to create networks of liquidity, not just isolated pools - this gives you increased access to tokens and less transferring to and from exchanges. All user accounts will have optional 2FA security for ironclad security.

The CMDEX will not allow any bartering and will operate a 24/7 customer-service centre to protect the well-being of our users and the integrity of our blockchain based financial ecosystem.

To start, CMDEX users can make deposits using USD, EUR, and YUAN as well as with Cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH. After the CMDEX product rollout, the list of accepted fiat and cryptocurrencies will expand to include many more. Stay Tuned!

CMDEX Features Will Include

  • Interactive and User-friendly Interface
  • Mobile app and Web site versions
  • Live 24/7 Customer Support
  • Buy, Sell, and Trade Cryptocurrencies
  • A detailed Order Book with color ranges to easily identify orders at certain price levels
  • SMS Alerts Option and Nominee Functionality
  • An integrated up-to-date News section that provides the latest news on all Coins/Tokens listed on the exchange
  • Portfolio Management Tools
  • Instant liquidity provided by reserves
  • Advanced Charts for Technical Traders
  • Social Trading Feature
  • Crypto Scanner Tool that automatically analyzes market history for each available Coin/Token listed on the exchange
  • Live Markets Simulated Trading Feature that allows for “paper trading” for beginners
  • Trading Log Tool that exports daily trades in a CSV file
  • CMDEX specific Community Chat Room similar to Telegram
  • Full suite of Technical Indicators, including: Volume Chart, SMA, EMA, RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands, ATR, ADX, Volume Chart, Price Action and Trailing Stop Loss feature.

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